Monday, May 25, 2009


This 'zine has "SCULL CRUSHING DISTORT FOR FUCKER" emblazoned across the front cover. The zine's creator sought out the most blown-out, noisy powerviolence, hardcore and d-beat bands they could get a hold of and conducted inspired interviews with them, or reviewed their records and then they compiled it all into this excellent zine. Plus, this zine's creator did it all from Greece. There are great interviews with Lebenden Toten, Go Filth Go, Warning//Warning and My Turn, tons of record reviews and even a short history of Riot Grrrl dropped dead into the center of the zine, where it is laid-out, cut'n'paste style, in all of its glory, emanating its own glow of fierce and savage audacity amongst the newest and brutalest. The inspiration just drips from the pages of this zine.
(from Maximum Rock 'n' Roll #344, January 2012)

pretty cool greek zine,some cut n paste,but a lot of the layouts are somewhat sloppily done
on a computer.the real chunk of what make this good,are actually decent interviews with
DSB,Perdition,Livstid and more. columns,reviews and scene reports make up the rest,all of which are good but seems like i've seen them in other places.
from Evil Minded zine #5)

NO EXIT #3 fanzine
"scull crushing d-beat holocaust zine"
this 3th number of No Exit zine was out in February 2010, but now when it is out of print (there were 50 copies made) here we have download link for its PDF version..
this time on 44 pages you can read few columns, Food Not Bombs report from Russia, scene reports from Ottawa and Belarus (which I consider very interesting because of political situation there), some record reviews and inevitable interviews, this time with Livstid, Protestant, DSB, Hellstorm and Perdition..
about it's look, classic crust d-beat, black and white cut'n'paste style.. you already know what you can expect here..
it's nice to see that paper zines still lives and that they are published, more or less, regularly.. 4th number is in preparation and it will be out soon..
(from crucified freedom blog,

This is a 'total crust punx attack' zine from greece previously 'No Future zine'; This is a massive full size,48page,cut and paste effort. Some of it is in greek,but most is english;Features interviews with 'Insect Warfare','Los Regios','Fall Of Efrafa','Antimaster','Rajahtaa',N.Y.C scene report; Lots of stuff. Definetly worth the 1 euro/2 dollar price!
(from Hokku zine #3,U.K)

No Future #1/A4/20 pgs/1 euro or trade
A "Skull Crushing D-beat Holocaust Zine" from Greece.The idea behind this new d-beat crust zine is to review the international hardcore punk scene and this first issue does a pretty job of it with good interviews with Greek grindcore band Cut Your Throat and Israeli punks Dir Yassin. The rest of the zine is made up of a couple of articles,one about myspace and its effect on the DIY punk scene and one on the history of the ALF. There's also an extensive list of companies that manufacture products tested on animals and some record and zine reviews. There's a number of pages written in Greek but there's enough of the zine in English to keep the non Greek speaking punks interested. A really well put together first issue.
(from Agitate #10,U.K)

No Exit zine #2
Second issue of this fuckin' cool zine from greece,it is a full size zine,fuckin' big! and it is packed with cool shit. This time around there are interviews with isect warfare,antimaster,rajahtaa,los rezios,and fall of efrafa.There is also a nyc scene report written by yours truly and there is a lot of cool writings in here too,in greek as well as english.Oh yeah there are tons of reviews! This is a big real well done zine,get this shit.
(from Dirge #5)

No Future #1"This is something new. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a punk zine from Greece focusing on crust and grind or as it self described on the cover "Skull Crushing D-beat Holocaust zine". In this first issue you will find interviews with Dir Yassin and Cut Your Throat, articles about Myspace, christianity, companies that do testing on animals and the article "Anarcho-punk, the ALF and the miners’ strike - a cautionary tale from the 1980s" and of course music and zine reviews. The layout -as expected- is dark and gloomy as it should be. There have been some minor mistakes on the layout and the printing (which is otherwise very good, no photocopies here) but this was the first attempt and I’m sure that the next issue will be improved. Let’s hope there will be a follow up".
(from Words And Stuff web zine)