Thursday, May 13, 2010

News about issue #4 and more...

What's up fellow punx? First of all I'd like to thank all the people that supported (and continue to do so) No Exit #3 either by contributing,buying,trading,reading or for just getting the word out there,you've been a great help!
Currently we're working on the new issue and so far there are interviews with GoFilthGo (noise d-beat from Thessaloniki,Greece),AntiMob (japanese influenced hc from Athens,Greece),Idle Hands (hc/punk from Germany) and Victims (Swedish hc/crust) there might be some more interviews but that's it for now. Also we're working on a compilation cd that will come with the new issue,it's gonna be a Greek punk/hc/crust/grind compilation of new bands featuring unreleased songs from all the bands with a pro-done booklet with lyrics and info. I hope this one works out because as you might know,Greeks are fuckin' lazy people!
Anyway,that's all for now.Issue #3 is still in stock,so move your ass and get a copy!
Here are some new great bands for your listening pleasure: