Monday, November 7, 2011

Πάνκ ρόκ λέμε!

Issue #4 is going out fast! It's great that there are still people that care about printed 'zines,a huge thanx to all for the support! We're already working on the new issue that will be out in January 2012, even if Greece turns out to a barren wasteland will we be printing the 'zine on cop skin!
Here's what No Exit #5 has to offer: Interviews with Amebix,Deathhammer,Pyroklast,Despite Everything (talking about their u.s tour) and D-Takt & Råpunk records. A tribute to Void, Skate Against The State and the usual record and movie reviews. We're looking for punk scene reports from all over the world so move your lazy ass and send us some!
In the meantime here's a little something to pass yout time:
If I Die Tonight (a view on photography,'zines and music by dear columnist/record reviewer,Misanthropy Pure)
Movie Ur Ass Off (cult movies gallore by Ksirafakis, the almighty movie reviewer/metalhead of the 'zine!)
Taking You Down With Me ('zine/record reviews & more by Bak)