Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cover artwork for No Exit #6

I wanted something different for issue #6 so I asked S. from Les Miserables illustrations for a cover artwork and she came up with this masterpiece! Make sure you check her work and feel free to send requests for band logos, record/'zine covers etc. Thank you S.!

No Exit #6 features interviews with Cut Off (killer p.v from Athens, GR), Raw Nerves (Portland hc), Dirty Wombs ("burning spirits"-style hc from Patras,GR), a euro tour report from Lotus Fucker (noise/punk from Washington, U.S.A), Sailing On (hardcore from Germany) and Zvarna (chaotic hc/grind from Ioannina,GR) plus record & cult movie reviews, photos from Arm Your Desires fest #6 and more!

Availability: t.b.a.