Monday, September 20, 2010

Updates from No Exit HQ!

What's up?! Another issue is late as fuck as always but no need to worry as we're almost done!
As for issue #3 it's long gone out of print! We only printed 50 copies (with the plan to print more) but we're totally broke to do so and we decided that is better to get the new one out. For those of you that missed it I just uploaded it in this blog,you can go in the "Download past issues" section and get the (lame) digital copy.
No Exit #4 will have less pages than the previous issues but I think the content will be satisfying,I'm not gonna revail the interviews yet,wait and see!
On a previous update I mentioned a worldwide compilation that will accompany the new issue but unfortunately that won't be possible,instead we're gonna release the compilation seperately (don't worry,it's gonna be cheap as fuck!) because we want to do it pro-style and no cheap-ass cdr's and that takes some time and of course more money.
Ok,that's it for now,next update will be when #4 is out,until then....take care and support the punk/hc scene!