Monday, November 1, 2010

when the shit hits the fan(zine)..

..I'm sick of updates but here it is for those of you who keep track of the 'zine ,you're very few I guess and I like it that way!
So,the compilation will not be out with the new issue due to lack of money to do both at the same time so we decided it to release under the Scull Crasher label and it's planned for mid-December or something like that.
As for the new issue the interviews are with Anti Mob,Warning//Warning and Go Filth Go.
We had sent more interviews to lots of bands but never got back so fuck'em!
As always there will be columns,record reviews,photos and delicious vegetarian recipes.
That's it,no more updates until the new issue is out!
Cheers,take care and have fun at this shit-covered world we all live in!

-Bak / No Exit crew